Clubbie Bear's home planet floating in space.

Clubbie Bear Brand

The future of marketing is NFTs, and we see the huge onboarding gap between Web2 and Web3. We created Clubbie Bear as a unique, universal brand serving as a bridge/tunnel for high quality Web2 companies to onboard and establish themselves in the fast growing Web3.

Clubbie Bear Partners

Meet our amazing partners.

Methodical Coffee

As a Clubbie Bear NFT holder you get a 35% discount on our delicious Clubbie Bear Celestial Honey Roast and free claimable for the Rare Rewards trait.


COMING SOON: As a Clubbie Bear NFT holder/owner you get a 35% discount on a custom Clubbie Bear plushy and free claimable for the Rare Rewards trait.

The Magic of a

Clubbie Bear

Clubbies are a collection of 3000 unique, rare, and programmatically generated superterrestrial bear-like creature NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on the Etherium blockchain.

Real-World Value

Community and utility focused, owning a Clubbie Bear allows you access to an amazing, token-gated community and awesome features/utilities.

Terms and IP

Clubbie Bear NFTs will operate under the CBE-PR-HS license. Clubbie Bear NFT owners will have the option for commercial rights per application.

Comfy Clubbie Merch

Head on over to our Cotton Bureau profile and grab some comfy Clubbie Bear apparel.